Tiny Grey Pointer d a m a g e d .
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         By destroying precious equipment? Y’know
              James, if you’re so insistent on hitting some
              thing, there’s punching bags

              ❛They don’t make a
                      satisfying enough crunch.❜

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          Hmm, sounds like a personal problem.
                       Maybe if you didn’t get yourself
                       worked up by little things, you’d
                       be clear of this problem.

              ❛I’m not worked up.
                             ’M just handlin’ the situation in
                             a  d i f f e r e n t   way from you.❜

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           That’s the fourth system you’ve taken the
                   liberty of breaking. Do you have something
                   you’d like to say?


              ❛I don’t have anythin’ to say
                     except—- WHAT THE HELL ?


independant roleplay blog for Bucky Barnes (MCU with comic influence.)

written by heather (sometimes goes by H)